A little push sometimes that's all that we need for a life change.......

After spectating the 2014 Ironman Maryland and watching Dana finish her race I decided that I wanted to experience that exhilaration. I started to swim, bike and run with Dana's support and in 2014 I was ready for my first race ever. I was going to race a 5K and that was HUGE, I was so nervous and I could not sleep the night before, I even tempered for this 5K, (don't laugh) that was cute. After the 5K I thought that I could do a longer race and I did. It was a half marathon in less than 2 hours. At this point I want to do a triathlon, so I signed up for a sprint... and for an olympic... and a half Ironman and another and another and another half ironman. Well, at his point I guess I can finish a full Ironman, and I did... and I did it again. Now after watch Quest for Kona I want to qualify for the world championship. 2018 is another beginning for my ultimate goal, like all the other first races I am treating this with a lot respect and dedication. To qualify for Kona I need to be the best of my Age Group and this is not going to be easy. I have a lot of lessons learned in my previous experiences that will help me on 2018.

I will keep updating my races on this page and I count with all your support on this mission.

Upcoming Races

09/29/2018140.6 IRONMAN Maryland
06/02/201870.3 IRONMAN Hawaii
05/12/201870.3 IRONMAN Gulf Coast
03/18/201870.3 IRONMAN Puerto Rico
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